Clinical Bio-Chemistry

Clinical biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of the human body and how it can be affected by diseases. A subject that combines expert practical skills with theoretical knowledge. The team at Aryavart Hospital’s laboratories constantly does vital and rewarding work that improves and often saves lives!

Clinical Microbiology & Serology

Our team of pathologists and the laboratories at Aryavart Hospital are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to accurately diagnose infectious diseases. The laboratories at Aryavart hospital also offer specialized testing that is usually not available in most other laboratories.

Clinical Pathology

The Laboratories of Aryavart Hospital also consists of a team of pathologists that diagnose, treat, and prevent a range of diseases. The team is expert at combining laboratory skills and clinical skills to treat patients whose chemical processes do not function properly.


Our team of pathologists is expert at spotting and examining cells in the tissue sample under a microscope to eventually look for characteristics or abnormalities in the cells. The use of cytopathology or cytology is there in many different areas of medicine. Most commonly cytology tests help in the process of diagnosing cancer.


The diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the blood and bone marrow (including the blood bank) falls under the scope of work of our experts who work under Haematology.


The diagnosis and study of diseases by medical interpretation of cells and tissue samples. The team working under Histopathology plays a crucial role in cancer management through the process of staging and grading of tumors. The work of this unit is mostly lab-based.